Dunedin Firewood Delivery – Warmth at Your Doorstep

Our firewood stock changes seasonally.

Experience Warmth and Comfort with Our Quality Firewood in Dunedin

Welcome to our Dunedin firewood delivery service, focused on keeping your home warm during the colder seasons. 
We offer free delivery to most suburbs in Dunedin City for orders of 3 cubic meters or more.

Our specialty is Macrocarpa firewood, which is excellent for heating.
You can easily book deliveries from Monday to Friday, and our team is ready to assist you over the phone or through our delivery request form.

Why Choose Our Dunedin Firewood?

Choose us for your Dunedin firewood needs because:

  • Sustainable Approach: Embrace our zero-waste philosophy as we transform Macrocarpa offcuts into high-quality firewood, reducing waste and contributing to a greener environment.
  • Free Delivery: We offer free delivery to most suburbs in Dunedin City for orders of 3 cubic meters or more.
  • Quality Macrocarpa Firewood: Our specialty is Macrocarpa firewood, known for its great burning properties.
  • Convenient Bookings: You can easily book deliveries from Monday to Friday.

Our Dunedin Firewood Products

Macrocarpa Block

Semi Seasoned 

$90 per m3 for 6m loads
$95 for loads 5m or less
Dry wood available for $120 if in stock


Our Macrocarpa Block firewood is suitable for standard-sized fireplaces. Please note that our firewood is stored outside and may be slightly damp, so it requires further drying before burning.


Prepare Ahead: Stockpile Firewood During Summer Months:
  1. Smart Summer Planning: Don’t wait for winter to start stockpiling firewood. Begin during the summer to ensure a ready supply when the cold hits.
  2. Maximize Drying: Utilize the summer sun and breeze to effectively dry and season your firewood, ensuring it’s ready to provide warmth when needed.
  3. Regular Check-ins: Monitor your firewood stack throughout the summer, ensuring it’s drying optimally for your winter fires.
  4. Ample Supplies: Estimate your firewood needs for the entire winter season and stockpile accordingly to stay comfortably warm.

Common Questions About Dunedin Firewood Delivery

Can I get a WINZ quote in Dunedin?

Yes, we provide WINZ quotes for firewood. Just specify your request in the delivery form.

What is Macrocarpa Block?

Our Macrocarpa Block firewood comes in various sizes, suitable for different fireplace types, and includes kindling-sized pieces.

Can I store my firewood outside in Dunedin?

Macrocarpa firewood seasons best outdoors with good ventilation, exposed to the elements. Pine should be stored under cover for faster seasoning.

How much can you deliver at once in Dunedin?

Our trucks can deliver up to 6 cubic meters of firewood at a time.

What is the delivery cost in Dunedin?

Delivery to most areas in Dunedin City is free for orders over 3 cubic meters. Some suburbs may incur a delivery fee; please contact us for specific pricing.

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