Pankhurst Sawmill specialises in the production of milled macrocarpa timber products.

Macrocarpa makes up about 70 per cent of the wood milled, with pine and Oregon the remainder.

Slow-growing Macrocarpa has been a feature of farm blocks and shelter-belts in Southland for more than a century. A large supply of mature macrocarpa has underpinned the sawmill’s business with its popularity soaring in recent years. Macrocarpa is used extensively in landscaping, as a weatherboard, for decking and as as exposed beam features in new homes.

Macrocarpa features in many new homes being built in Central Otago and elsewhere, while landscaping products are in high demand, particularly in Christchurch in recent years.

Pankhurst Sawmill products are sold throughout the South Island, and in 2016 they successfully ventured into the North Island market.

As part of a zero-waste policy, Pankhurst Sawmill supplies shavings and sawdust to dairy farmers around the south, and also produce a small amount of bark chips. Post and rail ranch-style Macrocarpa fences are also becoming increasingly popular.

The sought-after softwood has a natural Kauri-like feel and look and is an environmentally-friendly choice.